Community Service Parking       302-652-1410

 111 West 11th. Street, Wilmington DE. 19801

Entrance on Orange Street

Parking Garage

The CSB parking facility will provide parking for nonprofit tenant staff, volunteers and visitors. Parking will also be available to the public for monthly and hourly parking. Your CSB ID/access badge will be for both the CSB office building and parking facility. Visitors and volunteers in the Community Service Building must remember to bring their ticket with them to the building for proper validation.


  • Monday through Friday 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.
  • Saturday and Sunday Closed

    If you have an authorized access card, you can access the parking facility 24 hours a day by using your ID/access badge to open the after hours gate.


    Stairs are located at both ends of the parking facility along Orange and Tatnall Streets, and elevators are located along Orange Street.


    Turn left into the garage from Orange Street, stay to the right of the entrance area and proceed to the top of the ramp to the gate, hold up your ID/access badge to the card reader. When the gate opens, proceed to any open parking space. Please use caution when driving and walking in the parking garage, traffic moves in both directions on all levels.


    Emergency Call Stations (Red Boxes On The Walls) are located in the garage on the wall next to the doors leading into the Orange Street stairs and next to the doors leading to the elevator lobbies, and in the first floor elevator lobby area. Emergency Call Boxes are also located on the wall next to the entrance to the Tatnell Street stairs on all levels. For assistance press button. You will be connected to security.

    If you have any questions regarding the parking facility operation, you can contact Standard Parking Manager, Tim Meyer at 652-1410 or stop in the parking facility office located along Orange Street by the vehicle entrance.